New Podcast Episode: Frederick Douglass Lynn Sites, Part 2 – Historical Society and Hutchinson Scrapbook

Frederick Douglass in Hutchinson Scrapbook, 2016 Amy Cools

Two portraits of Frederick Douglass from the Hutchinson Family scrapbook

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Seventh Day, Saturday March 26th

…Lynn proves to be a Douglass treasure trove for me, especially the Lynn Museum & Historical Society. While I’m waiting to meet with a representative of the museum to look at some materials from the archives, I visit the ‘Abolitionist Lynn’ exhibit upstairs. As discussed in the first part of today’s account, Lynn had a particularly active and vocal abolitionist community. As I also discussed in the first part of today’s account, that’s what brought Douglass, laborer turned abolitionist speaker, here to Lynn… Read the original account here

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