Podcasts: the perfect hiking accompaniment! Amy Cools listens to one on a hike in Joaquin Miller Regional Park, Oakland, CA, Oct 15, 2016

Welcome to the podcast edition of Ordinary Philosophy. Here, you can listen to interviews and audio renditions of pieces published in Ordinary Philosophy, dedicated to philosophy in the public square and the history of ideas that change the world.

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Ordinary Podcast Episodes:

101. Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

100. Standing Rock Reservation: In Search of Sitting Bull, I Find Sakakawea, Too, Part 2

99. Standing Rock Reservation: In Search of Sitting Bull, I Find Sakakawea, Too, Part 1

98. The Black Hills – Mt Rushmore, Black Elk Peak, and Crazy Horse Memorial

97. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

96. Lewis & Clark Caverns, Yellowstone National Park, and Our Public Lands

95. Bitterroot Mountains and the Lewis and Clark Wendover Ridge Hike

94. To the Great Plains and Illinois I Go, in Search of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Abraham Lincoln, and Other American Histories

93. The Love of Possession Is a Disease With Them

92. East Bay Hike with Plutarch, June 11th, 2017

91. Remembering Joan of Arc

90. Mary Wollstonecraft, Champion of Reason, Passionate in Love

89. A Visit to the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, CA

88. Two Stories About Following the Life and Work of John Steinbeck

87. O.P. Recommends: Why Radio’s Feminism as Philosophy, Politics, and Friendship with Guests Gloria Steinem and Suzanne Braun Levine

86. On the Recent Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate About Basic Income

85. Margaret Sanger in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

84. Michel de Montaigne

83. Margaret Sanger and Race

82. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 4

81. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 3 Part 2

80. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 3, Part 1

79. Making the Perfect the Enemy of the Good

78. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 2, Part 2

77. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 2 Part 1

76. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 1 Part 3

75. Goodbye, Dear Leonard Cohen!

74. A ‘Light’ That Obscures: The Misrepresentation of Secular Thought in Pope Francis’s First Encyclical

73. Why So Much Hatred for Margaret Sanger?

72. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 1 Part 2

71. Margaret Sanger NYC Sites, Day 1 Part 1, and a 100 Year Anniversary

70. To New York City I Go, in Search of Margaret Sanger

69. The Little Way of Goodness

68. Philosophy as Love of Wisdom and in the Public Sphere

67. Frederick Douglass Washington DC Sites, Last Day

66. Nature’s Clocks

65. Frederick Douglass Washington DC Sites, Day 1, Part 2

64. Compassion, Emptiness, and the Heart Sutra, by Ryan V. Stewart

63. Frederick Douglass Washington DC Sites, Day 1, Part 1

62. Frederick Douglass Chambersburg and Gettysburg PA Sites

61. Affirmative Action and Balance

60. Frederick Douglass Seneca Falls, Canandaigua, Honeoye, and Mt Hope Cemetery Sites

59. Frederick Douglass Rochester NY Sites, Day 2

58. Interview with Ken Morris, Anti-Slavery Activist

57. Behind the Veil: Rawls, Locke, de Toqueville, & Human Connection in a Liberal Society

56. Frederick Douglass Rochester NY Sites, Day 1

55: Interview with Leigh Fought, Anna & Frederick Douglass Scholar, Part Two

54: Interview with Leigh Fought, Anna & Frederick Douglass Scholar, Part One

53. Frederick Douglass Albany, Troy, and Syracuse NY sites

52. Interview with Peter Adamson on Indian and Islamic Philosophy

51. Frederick Douglass Lynn Sites, Part 2: Historical Society & Hutchinson Scrapbook

50. Frederick Douglass Lynn, Massachusetts Sites

49. On Martyrdom

48. Frederick Douglass Boston Sites

47. Frederick Douglass New Bedford, Massachusetts Sites

46. Frederick Douglass New York City Sites

45. Frederick Douglass Havre de Grace and Philadelphia Sites

44. Frederick Douglass Birthplace, Easton, and St Michaels, Maryland’s East Shore Sites

43. Frederick Douglass Baltimore Sites

42. Sex, Gender, Surgery, and Freedom

41. Communitarianism, Writ Large

40. Frederick Douglass on the Constitution

39. O.P. Recommends: Landmark Cases / Injustices, Two Great Works on the Supreme Court

38. Why We Need Citizen Philosophers

37. O.P. Recommends: Fareed Zakaria on What America Could Learn From Singapore About Racial Integration

36. Frederick Douglass on Faith and Doubt

35. A Moral and Political Critique of Democratic Primary Debate Arguments of 2015, Part 2

34. Traveling Philosophy Series: Frederick Douglass Edition, Prologue, Oakland, CA

33. Interview with Clay Jenkinson as Thomas Jefferson, Jan 16th 2016

32. Really, America? Ban the Refugees, Let the Troops Do All the Work?!?

31. From Oakland to Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts I Go, in Search of Frederick Douglass

30. A Moral and Political Critique of Republican Primary Debate 2015 Arguments, Part 2

29. Welcome to the new Ordinary Philosophy!

28. On Free Speech and Political Correctness: A Response to Lindy West

27. A Moral and Political Critique of the Democratic Primary Debates of 2015, Part 1

26. A Moral and Political Critique of the Republican Primary Debates of 2015, Part 1

25. Freedom, Liberty, and the Inevitable Interconnectedness of Human Life

24. In Defense of the Introverts

23. The Pope, Climate Change, Morality, and the Politicians

22. On the Josh Duggar Controversy, Part 2

21. Josh Duggar and Public Hysteria Over the ‘Sex Crimes’ of Children

20. You Can Still Call Me Feminist

19. Jefferson and Slavery

18. Thomas Jefferson Sites, Part 6: Charlottesville, and Last Day in D.C.

17. Thomas Jefferson Sites, Part 5: Washington, D.C., Third Day

16. Thomas Jefferson Sites, Part 4: Washington, D.C., Second Day

15. Thomas Jefferson Sites, Part 3: Philadelphia

14. Thomas Jefferson Sites, Part 2: Williamsburg

13. Thomas Jefferson Sites, Part 1: Washington, D.C., First Day

12. Thomas Jefferson Traveling Philosophy Series: Introduction and Prologue

11. How the Brain Works (and Doesn’t) vs Our Justice System

10. Brian Williams, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Honesty in Public Discourse

9. Sexual Purity: A Dirty Idea

8. Science and Philosophy, a Beautiful Friendship: A Response to Michael Shermer

7. Is Feminism Passe? No! Cries A Distinct Lack of Statuary

6. The Wisdom of Crowds: How Voting Produces a Better Society

5. What Leaving Religion Has Done For Me

4. Philosophy and Early Feminist Thought

3. Activism is Not Enough: As Long As We Keep Shopping and Don’t Vote, It’s Our Fault Too!

2. Is The Market Really the Most Democratic Way to Determine Wages?

1. Ordinary Philosophy Podcast Episode 1: Welcome