Traveling Philosophy / History of Ideas

Philosophy, the history of ideas, and travel are three of my greatest loves, and I love to share them with you. So from time to time, I explore the lives and ideas of great thinkers through traveling to the places where they lived and worked. I follow in the footsteps of thinkers who are no longer living since those who are alive are still telling their own stories. But those who are no longer alive in the body continue on in the ideas they leave behind. Here are my tributes to them:

Frederick Douglass in the British Isles ~ Scotland, England, and Ireland, 2018-2019
Enlightenment Scotland ~ Sites associated with the people and ideas of the Scottish Enlightenment, 2017-2018
Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Abraham Lincoln & Other American Histories ~ Yellowstone National Park, Great Plains, Illinois, & more, 2017
Margaret Sanger, Feminist & Reproductive Rights Activist ~ New York City, 2016
Frederick Douglass, Human Rights Activist ~ Maryland, New York, & Massachusetts, 2016; Peoria, Il 2017
Revolution-Era Thomas Paine, Mary Wollstonecraft & Thomas Jefferson ~ Paris, France, 2015
Thomas Jefferson, president, statesman & philosopher  ~ Virginia, Philadelphia, & Washington, D.C., 2015
Ernestine Rose & Elizabeth Cady Stanton, mothers of the women’s rights movement ~ New York City, 2014
David Hume, historian & philosopher ~ Scotland: Edinburgh, 2014, & Chirnside, 2017

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