New Podcast Episode: Frederick Douglass Rochester NY Sites, Day 2

Douglass scholarship articles and posters, Dr. David Anderson's office, Nazareth College Rochester, 2016 Amy CoolsListen to this podcast episode here or on Google Play, or subscribe on iTunes

Tenth day, Tuesday March 29th

I begin my day with an early visit to Dr. David Anderson, a Frederick Douglass scholar, visiting professor at Nazareth College, founding member of Blackstorytelling League, and an all around delightful and fascinating man! He is kind enough to grant me an interview of an hour or so, which ends up turning into a much longer conversation than that.

Among many other things too numerous to describe in full here (I’ll bring more details of our talk into the discussion of my subsequent discoveries), we talk about the Douglass family as a whole, and especially, Frederick Douglass’ wife Anna…. Read the written account here:

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Spotted: A Definition of Philosophy and of Religion on a Library Wall

Definition of Philosophy and Religion on Rundel Library Building, Rochester, photo 2016 Amy CoolsThe other day, I spotted these definitions of Religion and Philosophy.

They’re engraved on the side of the handsome Rundel Memorial Building of the downtown Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County.

What do you think of these definitions?

Like the author(s), do you think religion and philosophy are two separate things, one dealing strictly with human thought and affairs, and the other with aligning human will to the divine?