New Podcast Episode: Frederick Douglass Baltimore Sites

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First day, Sunday March 20th

So here I am on the East Coast, commencing my Frederick Douglass history of ideas travel adventure in earnest! I’m thrilled, and know I’ll learn and see a lot, since I have so many sites I plan to visit already and know I’ll discover more as I go along.

…In a very important way, it’s fitting to begin with Douglass’s life here in Baltimore, centered in the waterfront district of Fell’s Point, since this is where Frederick Douglass had one of the most formative experiences of his life.

… Read the original travel account here

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3 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode: Frederick Douglass Baltimore Sites

    • Douglass Place, 500 block of Dallas St, Fell’s Point, Baltimore, MD. Douglass built these in the early 1890’s as quality, affordable rental housing for black residents.


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