Photobook: Concordia Sculpted Pedestal, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virgina

Concordia, sculpted pedestal of Lord Botetourt statue in front of the Christopher Wren building, College of William and Mary, photo by Amy Cools, 2015

Concordia, a beautifully sculpted vignette on the pedestal of Lord Botetourt’s statue in front of the Christopher Wren building at the College of William and Mary. Norborne Berkeley, the 4th Baron Botetourt, was the governor of the Virginia Colony from 1768 to 1770. The sculpture portrays two young women, one a European representing Britannia, one a Native American representing Virginia, holding olive branches of peace out to one another, mingling them together. I took this photo during my trip to Williamsburg following the life and ideas of Thomas Jefferson in Washington DC, Virginia, and Philadelphia in April of 2015.

Inscription on the other side of the Concordia pedestal

Another inscription on the Lord Botetourt pedestal

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