O.P. Recommends: NYT’s Story of How Zachary Turpin, Graduate Student at the University of Houston, Found a Lost Walt Whitman Novel

Walt Whitman in 1854, Daguerreotype, Photographer unknown probably Gabriel Harrison, public domain via Wikimudia Commons

Walt Whitman in 1854, daguerreotype, photographer unknown (probably Gabriel Harrison), public domain via Wikimedia Commons

I just came across this exciting story this morning in the New York Times’ Books section about how Zachary Turpin, a graduate student at the University of Houston, found a lost Walt Whitman novel. It was published in serial form in The Sunday Dispatch in 1852. It’s called Life and Adventures of Jack Engle: An Autobiography, and subtitled A Story of New York at the Present Time.

Read the New York Times article about the book’s discoverer and how he made his discovery here,

and read more about the book, part of the book itself online, and order a print copy here

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