To New York City I Go, In Search of Ernestine Rose and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Happy Birthday, Ernestine Rose! Well, happy belated birthday: I was so busy yesterday finishing my tasks at work and preparing for my week’s travel that I overlooked the day’s significance!

A little over two and a half years ago, I followed Ernestine Rose and her intellectual heir Elizabeth Cady Stanton through their history in New York City. Here’s the story in case you missed it!

Oh, and there’s an exciting new book coming out about Rose, called The Rabbi’s Atheist Daughter, which I can hardly wait to read.

Here’s to you, Ernestine Rose, and your fight for human rights!

Ordinary Philosophy

Hello, friends of Ordinary Philosophy!

I’m pleased and excited to announce my upcoming adventure: my second philosophical-historical themed adventure, this time to New York City!

In case you missed my first go-round in my series of philosophy-travel pieces, here’s my plan:

So I’m taking a series of trips to places around the world, where I explore the lives and ideas of great thinkers in the places where they lived and worked. I’ll follow in the footsteps of thinkers who are no longer alive, since those who are still telling their own stories. But those who are no longer alive in the body live on in the ideas that they pass on, and in the example they provide for us to follow.

For this next installment, I’ll be following Ernestine Rose and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two of the greatest founders of the women’s rights movement. Elizabeth was born in New York state, and…

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