Wall of Thanks

General Major Contributors to Ordinary Philosophy

Cory Argonti-Cools
Robert Lane
Laurence Murphy
Charles M. Saunders
Gaia So & Jay Millsap

My sincere thanks to you all! ~ Amy

Patrons of the In Search of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Abraham Lincoln, and Other American Histories Series

Funding: Ervin Epstein, MDIMG_7626

Lodging & Storage of my Stuff: the Cools-Ramsden familyIMG_7730

Funding: Genessa KealohaIMG_7858

Funding: Liz & Russ EagleIMG_8016

Patrons of the Margaret Sanger Series

Funding: Christopher Wallanderthank-you-christopher-photo-by-amy-cools-and-unknown-nyc-2016

Lodging: Magaly Gamarra Grant, Devin Cecil-Wishing, Sally Leethank-you-magaly-devin-and-sally-photo-by-amy-cools-and-unknown-2016

Patrons of the Frederick Douglass Series

Funding: Bryan Kilgore, Michael Burke, Veronica Ruedrich, Blair Miller, Alex Black




Lodging: Roxanne, Fred, Aleph, Maya, Devin, Sally, Jim, Nerissa, Brennan, and JamesonIMG_4079

~ And thanks to everyone else out there who contributed in so many ways!

4 thoughts on “Wall of Thanks

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