Communitarianism, Writ Large

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I listened to Bill Moyers’ discussion with Michelle Alexander recently, about her book The New Jim Crow and her activism against the over-incarceration of black people here in the US. Something she said really struck me, as it relates to a problem I’ve been mulling over for some time. She said:

I realize that as well-intentioned as all that work was, it was leading me to a place of relatively narrow thinking… If I care about a young man serving, you know, 25 years to life for a minor drug crime… If I care about him and care about his humanity, ought I not also care equally about a young woman who’s facing deportation back to a country she hardly knows and had lived in only as a child and can barely speak the language? And ought I not be as equally concerned about her fate as well? Ought…

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2 thoughts on “Communitarianism, Writ Large

  1. I originally published this piece about 2 years ago, and have just re-edited it a little: not for content, but for flow and clarity. In have two new pieces in the works and was hoping to get at least one done by today, but thought better of it because I’d like them both to be more fully fleshed out than I could have made either one of them to meet today’s deadline. So I’m sharing this with you anew because it’s a personal favorite, I hope you find it an enjoyable, interesting read.

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